IMG_3767Warning *** The next few posts will be long and contain a great amount of detail of our trip.  We are not offended if you care to pass on reading them. :)  We view this blog as a “scrapbook of sorts” of our life and we want to remember everything about our amazing trip! 

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We first want to thank the Make-A-Wish Foundation,  the Meiter family, our wonderful fish extender group (explained later),  Don & Gail Sayman, and many others who made this incredible trip possible for our family!

IMG_1688Our trip started bright and early Saturday morning with a limo ride to LAX. We were so fortunate to have our close friends, the Meiters, join us on this trip.  Their daughter Rachel is the same age as Noah and has been a great friend since birth.  After a stop in Tennessee, we landed in Orlando in the early evening.  Because Jason’s back had been bothering him the week prior, he went to the doctor and for a massage the night prior. Unfortunately our long flight increased his pain, so after dinner, I suggested we go have him looked at before we got on the boat and things got worse.  Leaving the kids with the Meiters, and caught a cab to the nearest hospital.  After a few tests (and hours), they suspected that Jason had pneumonia. It was a little strange because Jason had not been sick.  They gave him some shots for the pain, along with some antibiotics and pain meds.  He slowly started feeling better, and the next day, the pain had gone away.  He has since had another chest xray after being home and all is clear. Life is never certainly boring with us! 

Day 1

14163_10202099481305377_1956689885_nI can not say enough how great and efficient Disney is.  Everything seemed to always go so smoothly and was top class. They picked up our luggage at the hotel  and we jumped on a luxury bus headed to Port Canaveral.  Upon arrival, we were all amazed at the enormity of the Disney Dream boat. It was a beauty!  The kids were excited as Noah was already making his list of all he wanted to do!  For those of you who don’t know Noah, he is a planner and loves to schedule his days out – always wanting to know what’s happening every minute of the day – and often has a hard time with change. Great for him they provide a Navigator each day who tells you the ship’s activities and times. We worked tirelessly making sure he was able to scratch everything off his list :)


The first thing we did was check out our stateroom.  Wow!! It was very comfortable and real classy! They had pull out beds with an amazing  6ft porthole w/ a cushion seat that I may or may not have laid each day eating breakfast while basking in the sun.  

Next up was a meet and greet with new friends.  Before the cruise, we had joined a “fish extender” group.  What is that you say?? Outside your stateroom there are hooks for people to leave notes.  Along the way, somebody thought it would be fun to make hangers with pockets and form groups of guests to leave surprises for one another.  We decided to partake in the fun.  The few weeks leading up to our trip we had gotten to know the people in our group through a Facebook page.  (I warned you this was gonna be long).  A sweet girl named Jodi offered to make our “fish hanger”, and another gal named Amy Jo offered to take our family pictures.  Everyone was so kind and we were excited to meet on the boat.  Throughout our trip we received gift after gift in our hangers. It was so much fun. 

After taking pictures at the Bon Voyage party and exploring the boat, we headed to dinner.  Each night we ate dinner in a different “theme” room.  Night one was in the Enchanted Gardens.  It was a spectacularly decorated room that would change colors and scenes.  We had a fantastic waiting staff that actually followed us each evening to our different dining room! That evening we saw a Disney production and explored the Kids Club. As I laid in bed that night, I was still in awe that we were really there and had been blessed with this incredible opportunity.  I’m so thankful that Noah was healthy enough to enjoy it and thankful for the beautiful memories we have to carry us through these next months.

Day 2

It was a day packed with fun.  The kids rode the Aqua Duct water slide that goes across the entire boat.  They swam, ate, did a detective activity, ate then ate some more, and enjoyed the Kids Club. I enjoyed a nice massage along with the jacuzzi. Every time we returned to our stateroom, we discovered baskets of treats from our on-board Make-A-Wish Host.  We were often gifted with surprises like gift cards for the arcade or  snorkel rental for activities the boat.  Coming back to the room was always fun because we never knew what we would find in our “fish hook” or room.

Day 3  (My favorite day)

IMG_1886We docked in Nassau and headed out early for our dolphin excursion.  To say we were excited was an understatement.  It has been a dream of mine to pet a dolphin and the experience did not disappoint!  I cannot tell you enough how cool it was.  We got to hug a dolphin, along with kiss him, feed him, dance with him, and of course, rub his belly! I think they are one of the most beautiful sea creatures.  Afterwards, we played on the beach.  The water was gorgeous and the weather perfect.  That night, Jason and I enjoyed an elegant dinner at a French restaurant onboard with Jeff and Belinda to celebrate their anniversary.  The four of us enjoyed our time and the food was out of this world.

IMG_1955More to come later.  

- Melody

P.s. Thank you for prayer for Noah’s appointment with the Transplant Team at UCLA today.  We’ll update you soon!