At an age when most kids were pushing toy cars across the carpet, pretending to be race car drivers, Mitchell DeJong was winning his first racing championship!


Now 15 years old, Mitchell is enjoying a racing career that has moved him from go-karts to being the youngest Red Bull-sponsored athlete in the world. As busy as he is though, he found time to spend an afternoon with Noah on Friday.

How did it all come about?

Melody (Noah’s mom) is close friends with Danny Adair, who does all of Mitchell’s PR work. He thought it would put a smile on Noah’s face to get a package from the racing star. When Danny reached out to Mitchell’s family, they asked if they could meet Noah and learn more about his story.


The day after Thanksgiving, Noah and the family headed to the Adair’s home where Mitchell joined them. He brought Noah a remote control replica of the car he races, which also had his name, picture, and signature on it. They spent some time racing cars around together and shared with each other their stories.

Although Mitchell is young, he is plenty experienced, having raced competitively since he was five. With 9 Championship titles to his name, he has a bright future ahead. In addition to his driving skills, Melody observed his other noteworthy qualities… namely what a “compassionate and mature” young man he is.

What was Mitchell’s motivation for visiting? In an email a few days after, he wrote, “I know that I am blessed to be able to race and that God blessed me with this talent, so I should use any success He blesses me with to glorify God and help others in some way.” 

Mitchell even left some shirts for Noah, which, as of bedtime that night, hadn’t been taken off yet. Noah doesn’t want it washed because he’s afraid it will get ruined. Ha. Obviously, Noah was thrilled and is now making plans to build lots of ramps and keeps talking to his brother about how cool it would be to drive a car without having to have a driver’s license (like Mitchell)!

Mitchell certainly made quite an impact. It was great for the Lietzau family to experience some joy due to an already difficult & emotional morning. Reflecting afterwards, Melody praised God for continuing to “provide little pieces of encouragement in the midst of these painful trials.”

The Lietzau family was definitely grateful.

As a result of his time with Noah, Mitchell decided to launch an event called “24 Acts of Kindness Challenge”. The day after, he wrote the following on his facebook page:

“This thanksgiving I had the opportunity to meet Noah Lietzau. He is an amazing and super smart 9 year old kid struggling with Restrictive Cardiomyopathy. Noah is waiting for a heart transplant because of his condition so I wanted to brighten up his day and surprise him with a brand new TRAXXAS RC car and merchandise from my website. After visiting Noah, I was inspired to start this challenge for myself, my family, and all of you to reach out to people that need help. Times are tough for everyone right now so this holiday season lets show kindness and pay forward the kindness we receive in return.”

Pretty amazing to see how one little 9 yr old kid could have such a great impact, huh? What a blessing both Noah & Mitchell will be to so many people this Christmas season!   

To learn more about Mitchell, visit his website at or take his 24 Acts of Kindness Challenge here