We have some EXCITING News!

Lucky and Kelly PieBack in September, a dear friend of the Leitzau’s (Kelly), contacted NBC Reporter/Anchor Lucy Noland with a story request about Noah. Lucy’s response? “LET’S DO SOMETHING GOOD!” She pitched the story to management and they gave a thumbs up. Even better, in spite of her VERY busy schedule, she wanted to cover it herself.

She first met Noah in mid-October at our Pie Auction Fundraiser. Lucy and the Lietzaus took an instant liking to each other. Yes, Lucy even bought a pie and a couple of Noah’s Heart bracelets. She said the strawberry pie was DELICIOUS!

cameraA week later, Lucy (and her NBC4LA cameraman Scott) met with Jason, Melody and the kids at their home, so that they had a quieter environment in which to get to know one another. Lucy spent time with Jason and Melody, one on one with Noah, and then the whole family while they got footage of them playing Cribbage.

Last week, Lucy called to say Noah’s story is going to air Christmas night at 11 pm, and again on the 26th on the 5 pm news. She will be anchoring that evening, and will introduce the piece herself.

To give you an idea of how compassionate and amazing Lucy is, we’ve copied a message she sent Melody a few days ago via her facebook page.


 The blessing, Meody, is all mine. I give thanks every day for people like you, your family. Kelly reached out to my on this page out of the blue. I felt compelled to respond. I am so grateful that I did. I only hope that I do your family, your sweet boy, justice. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.”




We hope to get the story up on our website within a few days of its airing. Stay tuned and have a wonderful Christmas holiday!

- Noah’s Heart

P.S. You can see it on Youtube by clicking here

  • Dakota Thomas Timmons

    I can’t wait to see the story on NBC. I’ll be watchign!

  • Kelly

    <3 we LOVE Lucy!!!