Thank You

Oh sweet friends and family… we are once again overwhelmed by the love and support you showed us last night. Chik-Fil-A was hopping from 5-8.  It was so much fun talking with everyone and meeting so many for the first time.  We are honored that you would journey with us, and love us, in that

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Somebody turned 11!

WOWZERS!!!  I have an 11 year old!! That is just crazy.  That means in two years he will be 13, and then three years after that… 16!   Oh dear. I’m very emotional today.  I’m just so blessed that God has allowed me to be this boy’s mom.  He truly is a gift.  Our prayer

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Noah had his appointment at the UCLA transplant clinic this week.   It was the usual visit of labs, echo, and meeting with each member of the team. The visit went great and everything looked the same. We asked our usual question… “have you seen Noah’s name come up on the transplant list for a

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Doctor Appointment Recaps

I wanted to update you all on the recent doctors visits for both Noah and Jason.   Noah saw Dr. Chang & Dr. Alejos yesterday.  There were no big changes from the last two months.  He is going to put him on one baby aspirin a day.  The doctors discussed the possibility of him having

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pic 2

God’s Love

I have been struck lately by the way God works in his people.  In the midst of such pain and heartache, God is working in the hearts of so many.  I have seen such love being poured out all around and am thankful to be part of a body of believers who are so others-focused.

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Hi friends.  It is Marla, updating on behalf of Melody, Noah, and the rest of the Lietzau family. Before we start – please keep praying for our friends!  It has been an overwhelming year, and the effects continue to compound – bringing weariness and continued difficulty in these last few weeks. Updates… Noah continues to wait

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I’m sitting here vert thankful for how our Savior is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  We have had a pretty crazy week.  There were times when I wanted to throw in the towel and hide in a corner.  It’s amazing when I’m at my weakest points, my Lord always gives me the strength I

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A Thankful Heart

Our family is so grateful for the wonderful Make-a-wish trip – a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas.  The whole trip seemed first class. If you read my wife’s previous updates, it’s clear who the more “detailed” one is.  Since she has covered the specifics, I thought I’d share more of a reflection now that we have

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Trip of a Lifetime : Part 2

Warning *** The next few posts will be long and contain a great amount of detail of our trip.  We are not offended if you care to pass on reading them. Ha. :)  We view this blog as a “scrapbook of sorts” of our life and we want to remember everything about our amazing trip! 

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The Latest

Hi friends. I’m Marla, a close friend of the Lietzau family.  Melody asked me to give some updates about Tuesday’s appointment with the heart transplant team at UCLA.   There were a few surprises as they met with the transplant team yesterday.  First, they found out that Noah was not taken off the transplant list

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