Many new to Noah’s Heart have inquired about Melody’s & Hannah’s health issues we’ve referenced occasionally. In hopes to provide a more full picture of  the Lietzau family’s circumstances, we thought we’d share more about their story as well.

On March 4, 2003 Jason & Melody welcomed Noah into their family. Three years later, Jonah came along. The Lietzau family was complete… or so they thought.

In 2009, Jason & Melody decided to try for another child. Unfortunately, this time around they suffered some complications. Little did they know that God had their next child waiting for them halfway around the world.

Later that year, Jason and Melody started the process of adopting a little girl. Having close friends who had recently adopted their son from China, they felt God was leading them to do the same. In addition, due to Melody’s health issues, they were drawn to a special-needs adoption… in particular, a child with heart issues.

At age 20, after experiencing fainting spells, Melody was diagnosed with complete heart block. Later that year, she received a pacemaker, which she still has today.

They were soon matched with Hannah. On March 26, 2010, Jason & Melody traveled to China to bring her home… not knowing how complicated her case would end up being.

Within hours of arriving back home in the US, Hannah was taken directly to Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). After tests, doctors informed Jason & Melody that their new daughter’s situation was significantly worse than had been communicated to them by the adoption agency. Hannah suffered from a double inlet left ventricle, pulmonary stenosis and an array of other heart complications which required immediate surgery. After going into cardiac arrest, and given only a 12% chance of survival, the doctors of CHOC performed Hannah’s life-saving surgery successfully.

Currently, Hannah is doing great. However, she will need another open heart surgery, called “The Fontan“, later this year.

As for mom Melody, it wasn’t until two years ago (2011) that she was diagnosed with a type of Muscular Dystrophy. Doctors at UCLA are still diagnosing which type she has. Sadly, the disease has continued to progress and Melody is feeling the effects of it. She can no longer walk long distances and her distal muscles have become very weak.


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  • Diane Borja

    Hi Melody! LeeAnn Imes just informed me about your current health challenges with Noah.
    I will pray that your family will be given the grace, strength, and courage you need from our Lord who knows your story and will go with you all each step of the way. Blessings.
    Diane Borja

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